"Carmel Teaches the Church how to Pray." - Pope Francis

CADENA PÉREZ, O.Carm., Mario

Ministry Info: Parroquia La Transfiguración del Señor, Torreón, Coahuila Email: mcadena@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 562-551-9638Priory: 52-871-731-5384 Los CarmelitasApartado Postal 40327000 Torreón, Coah MÉXICO  POB: San Juan de los Lagos, MexicoDOB: Apr 22, 1979 First Vows: Jul 16, 2008 Solemn Vows: Feb 8, 2014

CAGGIANO, O.Carm., Kyrin

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: kcaggiano@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 941-306-8111Res: 941-412-0678 Aston Gardens at Pelican Pointe(assoc. w/ Carmel at Mission Valley, Nokomis, FL) POB: Somerville, MA DOB: Feb 18, 1935 First Vows: Aug 22, 1956 Solemn Vows: Aug 22, 1959 Ordination: Jun 2, 1962

CARROLL, O.Carm., Robert

Ministry Info: RETIRED Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Darien, IL Email: rcarroll@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-796-5104 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Priory, Darien, IL POB: Joliet, IL DOB: Jan 29, 1944 First Vows: Sep 15, 1963 Solemn Vows: Mar 14, 1970 Ordination: May 14, 1971 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

CIENFUEGOS OSTORGA, O.Carm., Henrry Mauricio

Ministry Info: Director of Vocations: Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras Parochial VicarNuestra Señora de Lourdes, Ciudad Delgado Email: hcienfuegos@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-209-0772Priory: 503-2504-9319 Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Km 8.5 Troncal del Norte Ciudad Delgado EL SALVADOR POB: Canton San Diego, El Salvador DOB: May 4, 1988 First Vows: Dec 30, 2017 Solemn Vows: Jan 28, […]

CILIA, O.Carm., José

Ministry Info: Parochial VicarOur Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Fairfield, CA Email: jcilia@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 707-208-9269Priory: 707-426-3639 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Priory(assoc. w/ St. Teresa Priory, San Francisco, CA) POB: Valette, Malta DOB: Mar 9, 1938 First Vows: Nov 21, 1962 Solemn Vows: Nov 24, 1965 Ordination: Aug 3, 1968 Return to all […]

CITERO, O.Carm., Samuel

Biography: Fr. Sam was born in Passaic, New Jersey. He professed his first vows in 1979 and ordained in 1984. He is currently in his 13 th year as pastor of St. Therese Parish in Cresskill, NJ. Previously he served the province as a teacher at Joliet Catholic High School and Director of Vocations. He […]

CLENNON, O.Carm., Raymond

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: rclennon@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 847-602-2488 St. Simon Stock Priory (White House), Darien, IL POB: Morris, ILDOB: Apr 29, 1941First Vows: Aug 29, 1962Solemn Vows: Feb 9, 1966Ordination: May 27, 1967 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

COLARESI, O.Carm., Robert

Ministry Info: DirectorCarmelite Spiritual Center, Darien, IL Spiritual DirectorSociety of the Little Flower, Darien, IL Email: rcolaresi@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-725-8919 PriorSt. Simon Stock Priory (White House), Darien, IL POB: New Britain, CT DOB: Dec 23, 1941 First Vows: Aug 15, 1961 Solemn Vows: Feb 10, 1965 Ordination: Sep 14, 1967 Return to all Friars […]

COMERFORD, O.Carm., John “Jay”

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: jcomerford@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-589-7414 (assoc. w/ Titus Brandsma Priory, Darien, IL)St. Patrick’s Residence1400 Brookdale Rd.Naperville, IL, 60563 POB: Joliet, IL DOB: Feb 18, 1948 First Vows: Aug 22, 1968 Solemn Vows: Apr 18, 1976 Ordination: May 27, 1977 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

CONLISK, O.Carm., Neil

Ministry Info: Theology DepartmentJoliet Catholic Academy, Joliet, IL Email: nconlisk@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 202-340-8915Priory: 815-439-8246Fax: 815-439-8633 St. Elias Priory, Joliet, IL POB: Blue Island, ILDOB: Feb 14, 1987First Vows: Jun 10, 2016Solemn Vows: Sep 12, 2020 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form