"Carmel Teaches the Church how to Pray." - Pope Francis

OAKHAM, O.Carm., Ronald

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: roakham@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 520-241-3794   Prior for Carmelites in Phoenix, AZSt. Thérèse Priory, Phoenix, AZ POB: Newport, RI DOB: Jul 11, 1949 First Vows: Aug 22, 1969 Solemn Vows: Mar 30, 1975 Ordination: May 7, 1977 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

O’BRIEN, O.Carm., Elias

Ministry Info: Whitefriars Hall, Washington, DC Email: eobrien@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 773-209-0420 (assoc. w/ Whitefriars Hall – St. Therese Priory, Washington, DC)Mailing Address:Box 568Great Cacapon, WV 25422 POB: Munich, GermanyDOB: Mar 21, 1956First Vows: Aug 25, 1981Solemn Vows: Jul 20, 1985Ordination: Jul 20, 1986 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

O’BRIEN, O.Carm., Joseph

Ministry Info: DirectorCarmelite Mission Office, Englewood, NJ Email: jobrien@carmelites.net Private Info: (assoc. w/ St. Cecilia Priory, Englewood, NJ) 275 Engle Street, C-1 Englewood, NJ 07631-2316 POB: New York, NY DOB: Jul 26, 1937 First Vows: Aug 22,1957 Solemn Vows: Aug 22, 1960Ordination: Aug 18, 1963

O’KEEFE, O.Carm., Michael

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: mokeefe@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-963-2451 (assoc. w/ St. Cyril Priory, Chicago) 5345 S. University AvenueChicago, IL 60615 POB: Evergreen Park, IL DOB: Jan 4, 1948 First Vows: Aug 22, 1967 Solemn Vows: Jan 12, 1975Ordination: May 31, 1975

O’NEILL, O.Carm., Daniel

Ministry Info: RETIRED St. Cecilia Parish, Englewood, NJ Email: doneill@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 201-566-6884Priory: 201-568-0364 St. Cecilia Priory 55 W. Demarest Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631-2316 POB: Bronx, NY DOB: Sep 11, 1943 First Vows: Sep 15, 1963 Solemn Vows: Feb 9, 1967 Ordination: May 30, 1969

OREGEL ÁLVAREZ, O.Carm., Filiberto

Ministry Info: StudiesWhitefriars Hall, Washington, DC Email: foregel@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 202-491-5057 Whitefriars Hall (St. Therese Priory), Washington, DC POB: Guadalajara, MexicoDOB: Jan 22, 1983First Vows: Jun 10, 2019 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

O’SULLIVAN, O.Carm., Tracy

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: tosullivan@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 773-663-7696 St. Cyril Priory, Chicago, IL POB: Chicago, IL DOB: Sep 30, 1935 First Vows: Aug 22, 1956 Solemn Vows: Aug 22, 1959 Ordination: May 26, 1962 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form