"Carmel Teaches the Church how to Pray." - Pope Francis

MAKACINAS, O.Carm., Stanley

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: smakacinas@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 905-941-0750Priory: 905-356-4113 ext. 4217 Carmelite Community Monastery of Mount Carmel POB: Everett, MA DOB: May 15, 1944 First Vows: Aug 22, 1964 Solemn Vows: Feb 14, 1968 Ordination: May 16, 1970 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form


Ministry Info: Commissary ProvincialDirector of Formation, ProfessedCasa San Elías, Miraflores Email: rmaravi@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 51-924-878-650Priory: 51-1-446-0137  PriorCasa San ElíasCalle Francisco del Castillo 178 Apartado 18-1036San Antonio – Miraflores LIMA, 18 PERÚ POB: Lima, Peru DOB: Mar 2, 1964 First Vows: Jan 25, 1992 Solemn Vows: Mar 23, 1996 Ordination: Jun 13, 1997

MARKELZ, O.Carm., Carl

Biography: A native of Joliet, Illinois, and a graduate of Joliet Catholic (Carmelite) High School, Father Carl entered the Carmelites and professed first vows in 1985.  He has served in our high schools in Encino, California, and Chicago, Illinois, and as General Bursar of the Carmelite Order in Rome. Ministry Info: Prior ProvincialCarmelite Provincial Office, […]

McCARTHY, O.Carm., Joseph

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: jmccarthy@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 941-303-2181 Carmel at Mission Valley, Nokomis, FL POB: Kalamazoo, MI DOB: Feb 26, 1934 First Vows: Aug 25, 1955 Solemn Vows: Aug 25, 1958 Ordination: May 28, 1960 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

McEVOY, O.Carm., David

Biography: Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, Father David grew up in St. Joseph Carmelite Parish there. He professed first vows in 1983 and was ordained a priest in 1988.Fr. David has served in parish ministry in California (1983-85), New Jersey (1988-1990), and Kansas (2000-2020), in vocation ministry (1990-1994; 2020-2023) and as the Province’s novice director (1995-2000). […]

McGARRY, O.Carm., Peter

Ministry Info: RETIRED Email: pmcgarry@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 773-410-0211 Titus Brandsma Priory 8423 Bailey Road Darien, IL 60561 POB: Chicago, IL DOB: Jul 15, 1940 First Vows: Sep 15, 1963 Solemn Vows: Feb 9, 1967 Ordination: May 31, 1969

McGINNIS, O.Carm., David

Ministry Info: House TreasurerWhitefriars Hall, Washington, DC Email: dmcginnis@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 913-680-9934 Whitefriars Hall (St. Therese Priory), Washington, DC POB: Yankton, SDDOB: Sep 17, 1955First Vows: Jun 13, 1994Solemn Vows: Nov 1, 1997 Return to all Friars Profile Correction Form

MELARA MONDRAGÓN, O.Carm., Roger Stanley

Ministry Info: PastorPorroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Miraflores Email: rmelara@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 503-7037-6278 Convento Nuestra Señora del CarmenCalle Francisco del Castillo 185Apartado 18-1036 San Antonio – Miraflores Lima 18 PERÚ POB: San Miguel, El SalvadorDOB: Feb 17, 1989 First Vows: Jan 8, 2016 Solemn Vows: Jan 25, 2020Ordination: Jan 29, 2022


Ministry Info: InternParroquia Santa Lucía Mártir, Yamaranguila, Intibucá Email: jmelendez@carmelites.net Private Info: Priory: 503-7842-7243 Priorato Beato Juan SorethYamaranguila, IntibucáHONDURAS  POB: San Salvador, El SalvadorDOB: Aug 15, 1982 First Vows: Jan 7, 2023

MENDEZ RAMÍREZ, O.Carm., Santos Antolino

Ministry Info: Parochial VicarParroquia Santa Lucía Mártir, Yamaranguila, Intibucá Email: smendez@carmelites.net Private Info: Cell: 630-207-9397 Priorato Beato Juan SorethYamaranguila, IntibucáHONDURAS  POB: Sonsonate, El SalvadorDOB: Sep 10, 1982 First Vows: Dec 30, 2017 Solemn Vows: Jan 28, 2022Ordination: Jul 9, 2022