To help us focus on Christmas, Brother Ryan-Joseph Resurrección, O.Carm., invites us to times of silence during this holy season.

 Brother Ryan-Joseph is from Los Angeles, California.  He was a high school teacher and campus minister for ten years at high schools in Pasadena and Los Angeles.  He enjoys cooking, drawing, and music.  His favorite scripture passage, “Although you have never seen him, you love him” (1 Peter 1:8).  His favorite Carmelite quotation is from Saint John of the Cross, “God does not fit in an occupied heart.”

Find Yourself Here

During prayer, Jesus instructed Saint Teresa of Avila to “find yourself in Me, and find Me in yourself.” This line describes Carmelite prayer – a journey into yourself, a journey to find your deepest, authentic self.

Then what happens?  Again Saint Teresa has the answer, “the purpose of prayer is good works, simply good works.”

And we do this together; we do this as a team; we do this in community.